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Human Resource

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Humanresource financing

Inrecent years, Xinjin has been experiencing high speed development. Besides the locallabor force, work force from Pujiang, Qionglai, Dayi, Chongzhou, Meishan,Leshan and Ya’an have also been attracted to Xinjin.

Totaltalent volume

Chengduis an important talent and technology base in western China. Total amount ofvarious talents is about 3.34 million people, including 1.35 million localprofessional technicians and 36 CAS / CAE academicians.


Chengduhas 52 colleges and universities like Sichuan University, University ofElectronic Science and Technology of China, Southwest Jiaotong University andSouthwestern University of Finance and Economics, etc.; 180 practice bases forcollege graduates. Each year Chengdu could provide the enterprises with around150,000 college graduates. With 86 secondary professional schools (technical secondaryschool, vocational high school and technical school) of different categories,Chengdu has established a diversified vocational education & trainingsystem, which could cultivate 15,000 intermediate / senior technicians eachyear, and has performed vocational training for over150,000 people / time.


ChengduPolytechnic, Chengdu Vocational College of Art & Vocational Technical(Technician) School and the Human Resource Market of Chengdu could provide enterprisesin Xinjin with human resource services.