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Energy & Power

From:Xinjin county administrative examination and approval bureau             [Print]             [Close]


Daily water supply capacity is 125,000 ton(national standard water quality, water pressure is 0.5 MPa); 1 industrialwater plant (daily water supply capacity is 60,000 ton)


Now Xinjin County has one 220 kV substation(installed capacity is 300,000 kVA); two 110kV substations (installed capacityis 131,500 kVA); two 35kV substations (installed capacity is 46,300 kVA). Two220 kVAsubstations and two 110kVAsubstations for the industrial park are underconstruction.


Dailynatural gas supply capacity is 600,000 m3, including 300,000 m3for industrial use.


Rainwater and sewage areseparated in Xinjin County, which has 1 urban sewage treatment plant (dailytreatment capacity is 10,000 ton); 11 town / township sewage treatment plants(daily treatment capacity is 15,800 ton); and 2 industrial waste-watertreatment plants (daily treatment capacity is 20,000 ton).