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History and Development

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Xinjin has a history of over 1400 years. In the 21styear of Jian’an period of Han Dynasty (216 A.D.), Chief Li Yan of Jianwei Prefecturewas annoyed by the frequent repair of Jian’an Bridge, which “was damaged duringeach year’s flood period in summer and autumn”, so he started to “excavate TiansheMountain and build road along the river”, and finally finished the constructionof a new ferry which connected Chengdu Plain and Meishan - Jiading Plain;therefore the 3 ferries - Zaolijiang, Wenjingjiang and Bupushui, werecollectively called as “Xinjin”.

In the 9th year of Kaihuang period ofSui Dynasty (589 A.D.), Xinjin was subordinate to Shu Prefecture. In the 2ndyear of Chuigong period of Tang Dynasty (686 A.D.), Xinjin was subordinate toShuzhou. In the 6th year of Kangxi period of Qing Dynasty (1667A.D.), Shuangliu was merged into Xinjin. In July of 1983, the system of citygovernance of county was implemented, Xinjin County was subordinate to Chengdu.