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Traffic communication

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Road Transport

InXinjin County, there are several national / provincial highways and 9 county-levelroads, including G108 Beijing - Kunming Highway, G5 Beijing - KunmingExpressway, G93 Chengdu - Chongqing Loop Expressway, G4202 the 2ndOrbital Expressway of Chengdu, S103 Chengdu - Meigu Highway, and Chengdu -Xinjin - Pujiang Highway, etc.

Communicationand Internet

100- 1000 MB broadband access is provided. Communication network coverage rate is100% in Xinjin, including IDD, ADSL, DDN, Telecom, Mobile, Unicom and Netcom,etc. Total installed capacity of program-controlled telephone is 100,000 units.Now 20,000 units of international / domestic direct dial telephones are inservice in Xinjin. Capacity of the mobile switch is 190,000 units.