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Honors of Xinjin

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Inrecent years, Xinjin has been successfully entered the top 20 most competitivecounties (city, district) of China’s strategic emerging industries, top 100counties (city, district) with the strongest industrial development capabilityof China; and ranked 24th among the top 100 small and medium-sizedcities with the greatest investment potential in China, the 30thamong top 100 counties in western China, the 10th during thecomprehensive evaluation of all county-level economies of Sichuan Province, the3rd during the comprehensive strength evaluation of privateeconomies of Sichuan Province. Xinjin County has also been rated as theadvanced county for county-level economy development of Sichuan Province.

——Countywith greatest investment potential of China’s private economy

——Top100 Counties in western China

——Top100 counties with the strongest industrial development capability of China

——Mostcompetitive county of China’s strategic emerging industries

——Top100 small and medium-sized cities and counties with the greatest investmentpotential in China

——Citywith greatest potential of investment by Zhejiang merchants

——Top10 counties of County-level Economy Strength of Sichuan Province

——AdvancedCounty of County-level Economy Development of Sichuan Province

——Top3 of Private Economy Strength of Sichuan Province

——Non-PublicEconomy Demonstration Area of Sichuan Province

——AdvancedCounty of Individual and Private Economy of Sichuan Province

——AdvancedUnit of Comprehensive Administration of Social Security of Sichuan Province

——AdvancedCounty of Intangible Infrastructure Construction of Chengdu